Project Bal Aarogya - Schemes and Policies | Recommendations
  • Minimum infrastructural facilities for proper cooking and distribution of meal need to be provided in the schools, as 37.3% schools have no cooking sheds, only 5% schools provide plates to the children and there are problems of lack of required utensils and drinking water facility
  • The quality of meal should be improved
  • The distribution of egg/banana should be made mandatory at least thrice in a week
  • There is provision of distribution of eggs/bananas twice a week it has not been provided in 57% of the schools for the last one year.
  • No MPR on payment to FCI received from the state through out the year.
  • Engagement of cook-cum-helper not as per the GOI norms & the cook-cum-helpers are being paid honorarium @ Rs.600/- and Rs.400/- per month which is below the prescribed GOI norms.
  • Very high level of Anemia & under nutrition cases among children found in the state.
  • Poor MME Utilization
  • Mismatch of Food grain Lifting and T.A
  • No MME plan submitted.
  • Poor school inspection and school health programme