Bal Aarogya - Child Development | National Child Labour Project
Important component of the Project
Survey is the starting point for the Child Labour project. The Project Society conducts the survey in the project area to determine to target group. The survey ordinarily provides information on the magnitude of child labour, its classification by occupation, age and its geographical distribution.
The scheme allows the project society to rent suitable accommodation for having the special school.
Children in the special school are served cooked nutritious meal on a daily basis. A provision of Rs.5/- per child per day has been made for this purpose. The Project Society can converge with other developmental programme and provide better nutrition.
Every child in special school, has to be paid a stipend of Rs.100/- per month. The amount has to be deposit in the saving account opened in the Post Office/Bank in the name of the child. The accumulated amount can be withdrawn by the beneficiary only at the time of mainstreaming.
Health Check-up
The Project Society ensures regular health check-up of the children enrolled in special schools. The scheme provides for involvement of one doctor for every 20 special schools of 5 children each. Health Card in respect of every child is available at the school.
Educational Instructor
Every special school of 50 children involves two educational instructors and one vocational instructor. An amount of Rs.10000/- per school per year has been provided for educational and vocational material.
Vocational Training
Vocational training has been given special emphasis in the scheme. The reason is that the children enrolled are mainly in the older age group of 9-14 years and have had previous experience.
Staffing Patterns : Projects society & Special Schools
The Project Society will implement all project components in the district under the Chairmanship of District Collector/Magistrate. The Project Director will have the direct responsibility for implementing the project under the overall supervision and guidance of the Chairperson. At the Project Society level the Project Director will be assisted by two field officers, one Clerks-cum-Accountant, one Steno/ Data Entry Operator and a Peon.

At the Special School Level for every special school of 50 children the scheme provides for two Educational Instructor, one Vocational Instructor, one Clerk-cum-Accountant, and one Peon/Helper. In addition to the above, the scheme also provides for one Master Trainer at the district level and one Doctor