Project Bal Aarogya - Child Health | Health And Care for Needy Children
Health Care Facilities
Regular immunization and health check-up camps including general pediatric and specific health check-up camps like Eye, ENT, and Dental care etc are organized for the children. The health and growth of the children is monitored throughout the year and students are instructed about the basic hygiene and grooming practices too.

Health care, along with nutritional supplement programme, is integrated with the project. Health check-up in the education centres as well as regular camps are organized by involving trained physicians and staff. The children also get awareness on basic health and hygiene.

Extracurricular activities such as painting, poetry recitation, storytelling, physical training and games etc are also organized every Saturday for children with the aim of installing confidence in them. Special sessions for personality development and communication skill are also held regularly so as to help the children grow up more equipped.

Besides the cultural activities, sports competition and health camps organised on monthly basis, paper bag and cloth bag making, and beautician courses are also held in the society.

Adult education classes for women are held three times a week. Special sessions are also organized from time to time wherein experts from outside including Doordarshan (television channel) are invited to deliver lectures. A host of special camps are organized wherein specialized health care (ENT, Pediatric, eye care and cataract) check-ups and treatment are provided.
Health programme for school children
Medical health camp

  • Dental hygiene
  • Eye screening
  • Deficiency test and provide multivitamins for mal nutritious

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