Bal Aarogya - Child Education | An Introduction
Education to Deprived Children
The fourth highest in the world. But the same country has over 3 million children living on the streets. Among the world’s 10 richest people, four are Indians. On the other side, 17 million Indian children work as labourers.

India’s economy is galloping around 7% GDP growth. But also, 2 million children die before their first birthday due to lack of immunization and medical facilities!The statement "Children are the future of the nation" stops making sense, then! In fact, it sounds like an ominous prophecy. Smile Foundation believes that the desired changes in the lives of such children will come only when more and more privileged people start participating proactively in finding a solution.That is because education is both the means as well as the end; it empowers these children and evolves them as better citizens.
To provide under privileged children with pre-primary through education centers in local areas.

  • Community awareness project
  • Community based programme
  • Create non-formal education areas centers
  • Pre primary education
  • Residential school
  • Resources centers : To meet the necessary need of child
  • Government policies
  • Vocational Training
  • Uniforms and school bags distribution
Special Focus
  • Assistance for the drop- outs and weak students
  • Vocational classes for girls and women
  • Regular special health check-up