Project Bal Aarogya - Mission, Aims and Objectives
The mission of Bal Aarogya is to provide pre primary education to underprivileged children through education centers in local and its also focus on child health and care for needy

The aim of the project is to provide underprivileged children with through education centers in local areas sothat they can enters the mainstream schools and continue with their studies . The project will also focus on awareness programme and is expected more and more rural children will benefit.

Bal Aarogya include to work for the cause and welfare of children from stage of infancy to adulthood, with a view to provide adequate facilities, environment and opportunities for growth and development with specific attention to those from rural and slum areas and those belonging to poor, neglected strata of society such as SC, ST, OBC, minorities and girl child. This includes health, education, development and other areas of child care.

Bal Aarogya in the past 4 years had covered more than 30,000 school children in the states of Uttaranchal, Gujarat, Assam and Andhra Pradesh studying in Government schools with regard to health check up and treatment.